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As a Veteran-owned trenchless company serving Maine, Trenchless Pipe Repair of New England provides reliable drain, septic, and sewer services in Lewiston, ME. Property owners throughout the area count on our high-quality workmanship and prompt project completion. Our licensed, bonded, and insured trenchless company focuses on high-quality work.

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About Our Highly Skilled Trenchless Contractor

Our trusted trenchless contractor in Lewiston, ME, offers long-lasting pipe restoration and sewer rehabilitation services without the need for excavation. By investing in the latest trenchless technologies, we accurately and precisely repair underground pipes without disturbing your foundation or property. We understand that pipes can fail anytime; our 24/7 emergency services ensure a quick restoration of your drain or sewer system. We can also address your septic line clearing and repair needs.

Among our specializations are:

Whenever you are dealing with damaged pipes, your attention may be diverted to the post-project cleanup and lengthy downtime. Fortunately, we offer a cost-effective alternative. We offer trenchless pipe repair, a less invasive solution that resolves cracked and damaged pipes without digging extensively.

Our recommended method of pipe cleaning is via the use of our large tow behind the jetter. Heated jetters are simply better when it comes to eliminating even the toughest blockages caused by significant oil and grease buildup.

Benefits of Trenchless Services

Trenchless services require less time. We don't have to bring in heavy equipment, so you won't have to arrange for landscaping, asphalt, or concrete repairs. The trenchless processes we use will keep your slab and foundation intact. Our trenchless pipe repair methods offer a 50-year lifespan, which equals that of new pipes.

What Sewer Inspections Are For

Sewer camera inspection determines the location of cracks, offsets, and clogs. They also help us identify the extent of pipe damage and verify compatibility with trenchless rehabilitation.

Before Trenchless Pipe Repair After Trenchless Pipe Repair

Reasons DIY Drain Cleaning Is Not an Option

DIY drain cleaning chemicals often cause significant damage to drains and pipes. These chemicals also release dangerous fumes and may injure the eyes and skin if splashed. Attempting DIY drain snaking also leads to worse pipe damage and usually pushes the clog deeper into the pipe. Experience professional drain cleaning services to keep your plumbing clear and ensure smooth water flow. Our professionals safely and effectively clean drains.

Pipe Lining: What You Need to Know

CIPP pipe lining uses the existing pipe as a host for a new liner. The liner chemically bonds with the old pipe, creating a like-new pipe.

We Use A Heated Jetter

Our team makes sure that our pipe cleaning method can cut through grease and oil buildup. That is why our jetter is a heated jetter, something that is rare in the industry, much less in the local area.

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Our skilled technicians in Lewiston can handle any drain, sewer, or septic pipe problem you have. We will handle your stresses and make them our own, as we prioritize your complete satisfaction and convenience. Contact Trenchless Pipe Repair of New England today for a free estimate or to schedule a consultation.