We Use Permaliner for Trenchless Pipe Repair in Exeter, NH

One of the ways Trenchless Pipe Repair of NH serves our clients is by embracing emerging technology and innovative techniques in our industry. We incorporate the best of these developments into trenchless pipe repair in Exeter, NH, and seacoast area, as well as nearby areas of NHw Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. That includes our use of Permaliner.

About Permaliner UV Solutions

Permaliner specializes in cutting-edge solutions for rehabilitating pipes through its cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation products. These advanced products efficiently restore failing and deteriorated pipes, swiftly returning them to full functionality within a single day. Whether it's a minor section or an entire sewer lateral that needs repair, these dependable products that we use guarantee a smooth and hassle-free project execution.

Quality Trenchless Pipe Repair

Why Perma-Liner Products Stand Out

All Perma-Liner products proudly hail from the USA, supporting plumbing contractors and company owners nationwide. Their durability, adaptability, and flexibility stand as pillars ensuring the seamless success of every trenchless project. Through innovative solutions, the brand empowers contractors and top technicians, enabling us to tackle complex projects with utmost ease.

There are numerous reasons why we highly endorse these products. Their equipment's flexibility allows for versatile applications in pipe relining, reinstatement, and spot repairs. Capable of handling pipes ranging from two to 60 inches in diameter, this adaptability enables service provision to a wide array of clients. Backed by their industry-leading guarantee, all their equipment undergoes rigorous field testing, ensuring effortless usability, accuracy, and precision across various pipe repair needs.

Prime Products Available

At Trenchless Pipe Repair of NH, we proudly rely on a range of top-tier Permaliner equipment. Leveraging the LRI UV Inversion and LR3 systems ensures swift service restoration through UV curing of the resin. Additionally, the Perma-Liner continuous inversion equipment expertly fixes vertical sewer pipes sized two to eight inches in diameter.

Permaliner’s LightRay equipment is a cutting-edge and cost-effective solution for many types of essential trenchless sewer repair projects. UV curing is a type of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system that relies on a flexible, coated liner inserted into the host pipe. Plumbers begin the actual curing process by procedurally exposing the liner to concentrated UV light after it’s in position.

Before Trenchless Pipe Repair After Trenchless Pipe Repair

Key Features and Specifications

Light curing is an energy-efficient and low-impact process that also minimizes logistical concerns for the plumbing team. Perma-Liner’s LightRay system is suitable for pipes ranging from 3 to 6 inches in diameter and is entirely USA-made.

Other key specifications of the system include:

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There are plenty of reasons why home and business owners can rely on Trenchless Pipe Repair of NH. While our customer service team is happy to discuss any of these reasons in depth, we also encourage you to get a free estimate and initial consultation to see some of the advantages for yourself.

  • Navigates 45 and 90-degree turns

  • Compatible with various packer sizes

  • Materials arrive install-ready

  • Lateral casting up to 6.3 feet/minute


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Moving toward the right solution is a step-by-step process, but it doesn’t have to be a long one. Trenchless Pipe Repair of NH specializes in effective trenchless pipe repair, an innovative solution that saves our clients time and money. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.